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3 Different options to choose from!

Each option is associated with a specific bag!
WSBG custom bag.png
Standard Bag $40
Approx. 15-25lbs of Laundry
2+ Loads of Laundry
Measures 22" X 28"
Jumbo bag sticker.png
Jumbo Bag $65
Approx.  25-35lbs of Laundry
3.5+ Loads of Laundry
Measures 24" X 36"
Dry Clean & Launder Press
All dry cleaning and press items will be billed by the piece.
(Pricing shown below)

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Delivery Charge: $4.25

We employ all of our drivers and never outsource the pickup and delivery process to a third party company. You can rest assured we will take great care from start to finish.

Dry Clean & Launder Press Service

All dry cleaning and launder-press garments should be sent in separately from any wash dry fold product. Other than that, you do not need to worry about separating via color etc. We do the rest for you!

All product is priced by the piece for dry cleaning and launder/press. 

If you are unable to find a price for a product, please feel free to reach out via phone or email.
Dry Cleaning

Shirt (Press) - $4.50
Sport Shirt / Golf Shirt - $7.50
Dry Clean Shirt - $9.00

Pants / Trousers - $9.75

Blouse / Shorts - $9.50

Two Piece Suit - $19.50

Sport Coat - $11.50

Sweater - $10.50

Jacket - $17.00

3/4-Full Length Jacket - $23.00


Pillow Sham - $5.50

Napkin - $2.50

Placemat - $3.50

Comforter - $26.00


(These prices are starting January 1st 2023)

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