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Bag Dimensions:
You only need to sperate wash dry and fold laundry from dry clean and press laundry!

Wash Dry Fold bags 

WSBG custom bag.png
Jumbo bag sticker.png

Wash Dry Fold

Dry Cleaning

Dry Clean and press laundry

22" X 28" 
24" X 36"
Laundry placed in the white wash & fold bags are processed like your laundry at home. Your laundry will be returned wrapped and folded.
Laundry that needs to be dry cleaned or pressed should be placed in the black dry cleaning bag only! Your clothing will be returned on hangers.

How much does each bag hold?

WSBG custom bag.png
Our Standard Bag holds 15-25lbs of laundry
2+ Loads of Laundry
Measures 22" X 28"
Jumbo bag sticker.png
Our Jumbo Bag holds 25-35lbs of laundry
3.5+ Loads of Laundry
Measures 24" X 36"
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