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Say hello to a laundry free life!

Getting ready for your first laundry pickup should be an easy and stress free process. Here is what you should expect from your first big day!


Setup your account!

Download our app CleanCloud and sign up! During setup, make sure to select any special laundering preferences you have! You can even leave a custom note for our team.

To help our drivers out, please be sure to leave a detailed description of your dedicated pickup and drop-off location. To learn more about pickup and drop-off points Click Here!



Dont worry about seperating your lights and darks!

Your first pickup you will not have any of our custom laundry bags. Just place your laundry in disposable bags for our drivers to pick up!

You do not need to separate any of your laundry (assuming it is all Wash & Fold). If you need something dry cleaned or returned on a hanger, you will need to put this in a separate bag.


On pickup day leave your laundry out for our driver!

The big day is here! Your first laundry pickup. You do not need to be home for the pickup. The majority of our customers prefer a contactless experience.

When putting your laundry out for our driver, please put it in a visible and clear spot! If you wish to keep your laundry bags hidden, be sure to notate this in the customer app so our driver has no issues finding it! You can always track the progress of your order through the app! 




How will my laundry be delivered back to me?

For all Wash & Fold products, we wrap them in Kraft Paper. We always try our best to wrap products that are alike in the same package. Example: one package may contain only shirts.

For Press and Dry Cleaning products, they will be returned to you on hangers.

Your first delivery will also be the day our driver drops off our custom branded laundry bags! Please use these for all future orders with us.


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