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Washing Whites

Leaving your laundry out for pickup might seem strange but it is very common!

 We talked with our drivers to come up with some tips that can help streamline the process for both you and us!


Select a good pickup/delivery location

It is very important that when leaving laundry out you choose a covered area. We would never want you to leave your laundry out uncovered and exposed to the elements. This is especially true when we are returning clean laundry back to you!

It is common for customers to leave laundry out in the following areas...
Covered front porch, locked shed, garage, deck box. 

WSBG custom bag.png

The best thing you can provide our drivers with is information about your pickup/delivery spot! If no information is provided, our driver will always default to picking up and delivering to your front door. If your pickup/drop-off location is secured via a lock, please be sure to leave the code in the notes so our driver can unlock it.

To add this information to your account please open our app. Select "profile" in the bottom right. Then "Change Address." Input any delivery instructions under "Additional Instructions For Driver" and hit "Save" once done.


Always leave a note about your pickup/delivery location

Cleancloud appp.jpg


Make sure your information is up to date

We always ask our customers to make sure all of their information is up to date so our drivers can always have a successful pickup!

Keeping things up to date such as lock codes and credit cards allow the process to be stress free. If at anytime something like this changes and you are unsure of how to edit it yourself, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We can help you change anything on your account!


Don't forget to leave your laundry out on pickup day

We always ask our customers to try and remember to leave their laundry out on pickup day. This is very important as all missed pickups are charged a $15 missed pickup fee. This fee is in place to offset the loss of a missed pickup. When you choose a pickup day, we reserve a spot on the route for you. This means another customer was left off the route so we could service your laundry. Click here to learn more.

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