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What do I do about a missed pickup?

Our drivers are trained to do the following steps if they do not see any laundry at the pickup location... 
1.) They will call the phone number on file
2.)They will text you
3.)They will retry calling you again. If they do not receive a response within 3 minutes, our drivers are instructed to move on with their route.

Our driver will not be able to turn back if they have already left your stop. This is due to each route being optimized for a single direction.

What will happen if I have a missed pickup?
- All missed pickup are charged a $15 missed pickup fee. This includes orders that are being skipped two hours prior to the route starting. When you choose a pickup day, we reserve a spot on the route for you. This means another customer was left off the route so we could service your laundry.

Looking to reschedule your pickup day?

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