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Request a pickup

Sign up through our app CleanCloud and make your account! Input any special instructions for your clothing. Choose a pickup and delivery date.

How does it work?

Pickup Day

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On pickup day, our driver will deliver our custom laundry bags to you! 

Delivery Day

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Once your clothes have been cleaned and folded, one of our delivery drivers will drop them off at your designated drop-off location.

Want Contactless Pickup and Delivery?

No Problem! Just be sure to leave a note for the driver with the desired pickup and delivery location! If this is your first pickup, please leave your laundry in garbage bags or a hamper.

Say Hello To Your New Laundry Bags!

You only need to sperate wash dry and fold laundry from dry clean and press laundry!
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Wash Dry Fold

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Laundry placed in the white wash & fold bags are processed like your laundry at home. Your laundry will be returned wrapped and folded.
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Dry Cleaning

Laundry that needs to be dry cleaned or pressed should be placed in the black dry cleaning bag only! Your clothing will be returned on hangers.

Delivery Service FAQ

  • How much does the service cost?
    We charge our customers by the bag. We have eliminated the chance of any sticker shock when it comes to per pound pricing. With our transparent pricing you can stuff your bags full and not worry about the price being any different. Click on "Pricing" to see our prices!
  • How do I get my laundry bag?
    On your first day of pickup our delivery driver will bring you two of our custom bags. One of them being a wash dry fold bag and the other one being a dry cleaning bag. If you require more than one wash dry fold bag please make sure to request this through the app or feel free to give us a call! *Important* Any items that you wish to be returned on hangers should be placed into the dry cleaning bag! These garments will be priced by the piece. Learn more about our individual pricing by clicking the link below!
  • How do I know if I am in your service area?
    When you sign up online it will notify you if you are in our service area. If you are just curious and do not wish to make an account click the link below to see a map!
  • What if I forgot to leave my laundry out on my pickup day?
    Our drivers are trained to always call the phone number on your account if they do not see any laundry. If nobody answers the phone number provided on file they will wait exactly 2 minutes at the pickup location. Once those 2 minutes have expired they will make a second attempt at calling the phone number on file and if they do not receive a response back they will continue with their route. All Missed pickups are charged a $15 missed pickup fee. To learn more please click the link below.
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